This has been a holiday I have been waiting for ever since I was a little girl and I feel so privileged to experience it finally. We started out from Nairobi and made the long drive to Samburu.

We stayed in the Intrepid Lodges, a beautiful camp right in the heart of the reserve. Whilst there we encountered all the big cats with their cubs and also observed a lioness kill a waterbuck in the river. Samburu is a lot smaller than the Masai Mara but it was my favourite place we visited as there were a lot less jeeps and we got to see the elusive Leopard. (Multiple times!)

Next we travelled via Mount Kenya to Nakuru. I was amazed at the difference in the landscape at all of these places. Whilst by Lake Nakuru we were lucky enough to see A rhino with its baby. They are native to South Africa but are flourishing in Nakuru.

Finally we ended up in the Masai Mara staying at the Ilkeliani Luxury Camp. This camp is not fenced and the Masai warriors guard the premises at night. On the last night we could hear the Hyenas! Whilst Samburu was my favourite reserve the Maasai Mara was incredible as there was such a vast number and variety of animals. We visited a local Masai village which was a huge eye opener on how lucky we are to have clean water and electricity 24/7.

The Kenyanpeople were absolutely lovely and our guides Dennis and Peter were incredible. I will never forget this experience and I hope that in years to come these animals are still here so that younger generations will be able to experience what me and my family have.



It’s rare that a bank holiday brings with it so much sunshine but as this weekend was glorious it was a perfect chance to get out and take the camera to Bushy Park, London.

It was 27 degrees and even the deer decided it was too hot so took a dip in a small stream. They even had the odd splash fight!

Oh Deer

Oh Deer

Richmond Park, London

I hadn’t been out to take photos for a long time and I wanted to make the most of the autumnal colours before they disappear so today I took the bus to Richmond Park.

It’s pretty amazing to feel like you are in the middle of the woods when actually you are in one of the busiest cities in the world.

In typical British fashion the sky was dull and grey as storm Brian causes havoc but I think I still got a few good shots.

Most of the deer would not stay still as it is mating season (and they really wanted to make those babies!) but luckily I found the guy above just chilling with a crow.

International Cat Day

International Cat Day

Windsor, UK

Yesterday was International Cat Day and as I happen to have two gorgeous kitties of my own I thought I would share a couple of photos. Everyone who has pets knows how hard it is to get a decent photo of them! I often try to practise by taking photos of them but I always end up with hundreds of blurred shots!


Lost In The Forest

Lost In The Forest

Wimbledon Common, London

This weekend I decided to take my camera out for some much needed practice. I have recently moved to London so I decided to check out one of my local parks, Wimbledon Common.

When people think of London they often just think of crowds of tourists and building after building but actually there is a lot of green to be found. This park is so big that I did get a bit lost…

My favourite shot is of a bee collecting pollen. I was really lucky to get this shot as I only managed a couple of clicks before it flew off. Sometimes all you need is a bit of luck.

First blog post ever!

First blog post ever!

Majorelle Garden, Marrakesh

So this is my very first blog post ever. As a 28 year old who works in media I’m amazed I have avoided it for this long!

I have been taking photos ever since I was little. I loved the anticipation that came with waiting for the film to be developed and the elation that followed when you got the photo you wanted.

I am not a photographer and I have a very long way to go before I can call myself one. I wanted to display my photos that I am proud of to motivate me and help me on my journey of improvement.